Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bathroom deconstruction reconstruction

 Well the main bathroom is almost there! Here it is at around 85% completion. Still to be finished off are plastering and painting of ceiling and cornice, installation of shower glass panel (to the right of the vanity) , and the bath tap ware (which has been having some trouble!). In the loo, I'm still waiting for the plastering so I can get the wallpaper up (OMG can't wait for that!).

But these parts are done and I LOVE how it's turned out - just as I have had in my head for about 8 months!!



During construction, things went a little like this...

Adoring it! Also - can't wait to take a soak in that tub! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A new bathroom in planning

Time to renovate the bathrooms! The previously 'modernised bathroom' was of poor quality and, while quite spacious, totally impractical in this house, and we really want to get rid of the ugly and gross corner spa and introduce some storage.

Unfortunately along with a change of layout comes expensive re-routing of plumbing lines, but we think it will be well worth doing it right, once.

Right now, the corner spa takes up half of the room, and the other side has just a  pedestal sink with no storage! The steps up to the spa are starting to crack and are not supported underneath - or the frame is rotted out. Time to make some changes, and while the actual job is booked for 6 months time  I'm neck deep in plans to get it just right!

Here are the before and after floor plans to give you an idea of the layout change we are going for:

The And a little mood board action to show you the finishes I'm thinking of...

Dark charcoal or black rectangle floor tile, on the walls: white subway tile laid in herringbone pattern around the wet area of the room (about 2 thirds around), and white painted wood panelling around the  rest of the walls.  A beautiful curved freestanding tub (with plenty of room around it to clean) and a black trad style vanity with double basins. Round mirror and wall sconces either side at the vanity, and possibly/maybe/if Im allowed (by code): one of the 2 antler chandeliers I picked up on auction last week! Love it! What do you think?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Master Bedroom Update

Sources: Shoe display cupboard Ikea
Chair: Salvaged and DIY upholstered in vintage bedspread
Curtains: DIY, fabric from Spotlight
Rugs: B&W Ikea, Teal Doily rug by Two Alike
Painting: Abstract, acrylics on canvas (painted by me)
Wall Lights: Ikea, DIY covered shades by me.
Pendant light: Plain shade from Bunnings DIY feather treatment.
Dressing Table: Homeart on clearance
Mirror: Vintage, DIY washi tape in B&W applied by me.
Dressing table stool: Salvaged, upholstered in hot pink velvet.
Bedside tables: Salvaged, DIY painted yellow by me.
Built-in wardrobe: Bunnings (would have preferred Ikea!)

Lounge Tour

Just inside the front door to our home, the lounge room is the first on the left. Here's a good look around in this room as it is today...

Above: Standing in the entry, the front door is on the left in this pic.
Below: Peering down the hall to the kitchen, we have a coat rack and our 'whiteboard'/message centre  on the wall. The starburst clock was from Hot Dollar (and spray painted gold).
Above: Behind me are the green painted stairs down to the lower floor. In the lounge room, the new focal point is on the freshly upholstered chairs which were my Christmas break project! I designed the fabric on Spoonflower and worked on these salvaged pieces over a number of days.
Below: They set off the gallery of colourful prints beautifully. I have accented the chairs with hot pink velvet cushions and my Pink Swan print cushion with pompom trim! The blue colour also throws toward the table lamps in the dining room.

Above: The Dining room features curtains made in my "Hollywood Crossing" Print on delicious linen, with antler 'tiebacks' from Urban Outfitters. A set of vintage Bertoia chairs (a bargain on an online auction!) around the Ikea table, and a trio of fabric covered pendant shades. 
Below: The sofa is the "Studio" from Freedom with chaise in cement, rugs are from Target - an easily accessible version of the Ikea wool rug I covet, but couldn't get!

Above: A gallery of black and white prints (mostly) around the TV will be expanding, and the plan is to mount the tv on the wall.

Behind the lounge is a separate conversation area/library, the arched window is dressed with one side swept curtain panel in Orange octagons print, with a necklace as a tieback! The vintage ottoman has just been upholstered in sliced stripes to bring the stripes in the rug across to this area.  The chairs are vintage (probably 80s) bought on Gumtree for $50 each! They are surprisingly very comfortable!

And below, the magazine collection is kept under control in cubes, and the gorgeous blossom print above was from the Reject shop (don't tell anyone) !!

And that's the lounge room currently, check out the 'before' shots here to see where it started!!! ughh! It's such a fresh sunny room now, love it!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Every day is like a holiday

 The garden has begun revealing itself as spring progresses. Deciduous trees blossomed, and have mostly filled-in their glorious canopies, fruit trees are giving us clues as to what bounties await and bulbs made a showy cameo. The air is gently scented with daphne and jasmine and beautiful unknown roses are appearing.

 A riot of fruit trees are also now easily identifiable, Loquat, Lemon, Cumquat, Cherry, Almond, Mulberry, Fig, Apricot, Plum, Peach, Olive, and others are yet to completely reveal themselves - maybe Pear, another Berry type, maybe another type of nut.

 In this impossibly beautiful gentle sunshine, very day stepping out of my front door is like living in a resort! How lucky and blessed are we?!