A new bathroom in planning

Time to renovate the bathrooms! The previously 'modernised bathroom' was of poor quality and, while quite spacious, totally impractical in this house, and we really want to get rid of the ugly and gross corner spa and introduce some storage.

Unfortunately along with a change of layout comes expensive re-routing of plumbing lines, but we think it will be well worth doing it right, once.

Right now, the corner spa takes up half of the room, and the other side has just a  pedestal sink with no storage! The steps up to the spa are starting to crack and are not supported underneath - or the frame is rotted out. Time to make some changes, and while the actual job is booked for 6 months time  I'm neck deep in plans to get it just right!

Here are the before and after floor plans to give you an idea of the layout change we are going for:

The And a little mood board action to show you the finishes I'm thinking of...

Dark charcoal or black rectangle floor tile, on the walls: white subway tile laid in herringbone pattern around the wet area of the room (about 2 thirds around), and white painted wood panelling around the  rest of the walls.  A beautiful curved freestanding tub (with plenty of room around it to clean) and a black trad style vanity with double basins. Round mirror and wall sconces either side at the vanity, and possibly/maybe/if Im allowed (by code): one of the 2 antler chandeliers I picked up on auction last week! Love it! What do you think?


  1. Plan looks great! Will drawers in vanity provide much more storage than you have now? Have you checked about chandelier yet?

  2. The new floor plan looks like it would give you a lot more space, and having two sinks would make it much easier for people to get ready in the morning, especially if you have kids. Have you considered installing dark grout with the white tiles? It gives your bathroom a great, almost Victorian look.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating

  3. I think it looks stunning. I've always been a great fan of contrast colors, such as dark charcoal or black with white, or other lighter colors. The idea is much more modern and fresh. An "open-plan" layout is everything, these days less is more and I fully agree. I'm absolutely loving the chandeliers, quite a unique look I must say. That bath looks so inviting. Beautiful!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing


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