Oh you beautiful floors!

Oh wow! The floors are all done now and they look amazing!!

Upstairs, the Feast Watson Black Japan has been done with a satin finish. It is a lovely thick, rich black, and in direct sun glare it goes chocolate! I love the way it has filled a lot of the grain and knots in the pine, but leaving some of the natural textures, it is absolutely beautiful. The white walls look whiter now - perfect for the art I have planned. I chose polished nickel "Victorian" vent covers for a little elegance in the living areas, and black ones (in the same style) for the bedrooms.


Down stairs, the vinyl planks are an absolute triumph, laid in a herringbone pattern makes these look extra special, while they are warm underfoot and a practical clean-up solution for the workshop and display area. We are definitely going to need to add skirting boards though, as the square set plaster look no longer works without the carpet level.

Next I need to work on the stairs joining these two areas, they were dark and dingey and, as they don't intrude on any space, I'm thinking they need a dose of fun colour!! Removing the carpet, revealed extremely daggy plywood, and just the top section in ash, so I'm going to go right ahead and paint the lot!!

here's the inspiration...
What do you think??!!


  1. Hi Nina. I love your floors! I was wondering where you got the central heating vent covers from? They are a lovely touch! :)


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