The Flooring Dilemma

This: Karndean vinyl plank flooring in herringbone pattern throughout. Would be laid over the pine floorboards upstairs, and over the concrete floor downstairs.
Sexy, hard wearing, super current, would suit the style of the house permanently. Almost frightfully expensive, but can squeeze it into the budget at a pinch.
 Or That: Refinish existing pine floors with Black Japan floor stain.
Sexy and all that, moderately hard wearing, will still look amazing, but slightly less amazing than herringbone. Affordable. For upstairs only (ground floor is concrete).


Supporting images for either option are tres convincing...

What to do... Decisions decisions.


  1. How cold are the floors? The vinyl plank flooring may provide better insulation.

    We've renovated two properties one with floating timber floors and thick insulation layer, the other we sanded and stained the existing pine boards and find that with shrinking and expansion we have "air leakage" in winter.

    1. Hmmm, interesting. The flooring people have commented that the pine floor under the carpet is in remarkably beautiful condition, and that they are nice and tight, plus we have great access under the house if we wanted to line it later.

  2. I saw another alternative on Lifehacker. A bit dubious but you may be interested.


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