Designing boys bedrooms

Deciding on boy's bedrooms has been a fun challenge. While carefully skirting around their current obsession (they both wanted 'Minecraft' themed rooms 2 months ago - now it's Terraria), I wanted to avoid committing to any particular theme at all, while making a fun, inviting and individual space for each.
Yesterday, discussions centered around my Little Ginger Ninja's room (age almost 9)
Here's how it looked in the Real Estate listing...

... Here are our ideas for making it fabulous...

Black Japan stained timber floors.I have a reclaimed light similar to this. For Dylan's room. 

As with most of the top floor, the carpets will be pulled up and the floor boards stained with Black Japan. The walls will be painted Whisper White, and the wardrobe painted black chalkboard. I have been saving a set of three amazing scavenged lights for years (because, you know, I was going to use them one day), so I finally get to use one (similar to the Kartell pendant light above).
 similar desk lamp in orange. Bedside.Use similar rug which we already have 
Most of the remaining room ingredients we already have, so that's easy. 
Black board wardrobe via PLAZA InteriƶrWorld Map wall decal
tub trugs for kids storage!Componibili
But I'll be making a few special touches for his room, including upholstering a chair, and I'll be making curtains inspired by the master of style Jonathan Adler in the pic below...
And, finally, we will be including a gallery wall where he can swap out pics of his favourite things as they come and go.
And, for my youngest, here's his room as it is now (minus the furniture etc)
We had decided on doing this a while ago - and we still love it... it is very inspired by this nursery/child's bedroom below, and, yes we'll (I'll) be doing those stripes on the ceiling!
With the black floors and white walls, we'll also be doing his wardrobe in the blackboard, and adding more yellow, black and white pieces...
I picked up a perfect set of spotty curtains on the super cheap (at The Green Shed) which I can't wait to put up, and I'll be getting an oversize sheepskin from Costco to soften the floor (not a giant sheep, rather 4 pieced together).
Designer Poly Shirting Polka Dot White/BlackBlack board wardrobe via PLAZA Interiƶr
He'll also be getting his own special upholstered chair for a cozy reading spot. And I picked up a huge Ikea paper shade for $2 on our last trip to Perth (not quite a Nelson Bubble, but a similar shape and pretty cool!)
Architect George Nelson, who was Herman Miller’s design director from 1946 to 1972, said: “Every truly original idea seems to find its most important expression in a chair.” And then he blew the doors off lighting design. When Nelson was outfitting his office, he coveted a silk-covered Swedish hanging lamp but found it prohibitively expensive. He then recalled seeing a photo in the paper of Liberty ships being mothballed “by having the decks covered with netting and then being sprayed with a ...#Ukelele  - display it on the wall
Both of these rooms will make use of most of the furniture and things we already have, so it's fairly budget friendly - most of the impact will be made with paint, I can't wait to get started!


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