So... The Kitchen

 The Kitchen is one of my less favourite parts of the house, however, most of the things I really dislike are change-able. Here's how it looked in the listing...
 And a few more sneaky shots I took at our last inspection...
Basically, to save money we'll save the cabinets, which are in ok condition really, and the appliances appear to be fairly new and up to date. But that's about all I can like about this kitchen right now.
 1. My number one priority will be changing out the bench top, equally because the shape of it could vastly improve practicalities, and because it is U.G.L.Y - it represents every pet hate I have in benchtops! The new shape will remove the overhang to the side, and instead, overhang on the long side adjoining the large meals area - so I can have a row of counter stools. Colourwise I'm thinking of maybe a white Ceasar Stone, or maybe even marble?
2. While we are cutting a new benchtop, I'd also like to choose a rather smaller sink. With a dishwasher - who needs THAT much sink? Seriously. The tapware also needs replacing as it doesn't quite function correctly.
3. Also while replacing the benchtop, I'm hoping the splash back tile will be damaged so I can replace it with simple white subway tile (of which I already have oodles of leftovers from our previous house!).
4. Next, I need to get rid of the diamond patterned leaded glass - I'm sure it can be done without great expense. Perhaps a little wallpaper or colour in those cabinets too!
5. Maybe add a cabinet for the microwave, toaster and kettle in the vastly enormous fridge space - the only appliance welcome to live on my bench top will be the coffee machine.
6. And finally, a few little updates. Change the knobs, and paint the kickboards white.

I may have "accidentally" bought the knobs already! (happy dance). Well, they are so pretty!

And the meals area? it's going to look quite alot like this...
Couture Zoo: Bentwood Chairs and Tulip Table#kitchen #black and #white

That table, plus those chairs... with that cow hide. Annnd a gallery wall.



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