On the inside

Contemplating the make-over of Casa Barrett, here's your first look inside... here are the general living areas - BEFORE rennovation.

The entry...
What I love: The timber beading walls - great texture, and the stairs leading down.
What I don't love: The wall colours (so much painting!), the carpet (lucky there's floorboards underneath!), the curtains (just why?) and the stair railing (but not urgently).

The Lounge...
What I love: The SPACE!! It's a huge room with loads of windows overlooking the terrace, and one to-die-for arch window which needs to be a major feature. Also, more fabulous paneled walls.
What I don't love: Again, the wall colour, the carpet, and the light fitting - which I am certain will collect some heads.

 The Dining...
 What I love: The grand arch leading in, generous size, and lovely window overlooking lush garden. More timber beading walls and in a dark and moody colour.
What I don't love: The red. Also, the carpet and light fitting as before.
The Kitchen...
 What I love: The appliances are fairly new, and the cabinets are in relatively good condition, the style of which is in keeping with the style of house. The layout seems like it will work, but living in it will tell us! Loving the double oven, and the gas cooker! Fabulous skylight, and huge window overlooking the lush garden!
What I don't love: The benchtop in all of it's green swirly double-round-edges-with-the-nugget-corners-laminate (pet HATE!!), the bench top also overhangs the wrong way - I'd like to see it accommodate 3 or 4 counter stools on the longer side (extending into the huge meals area), Duh! The leaded glass doors, and the cabinet knobs. Also, the splashback is not doing it for me either!
Interestingly: The fridge space is a whopping 1.5m across, so I'm hoping to add a cabinet to house the microwave there too. And the hall door encroaches into the kitchen, so it's coming off, or will be re-hung to swing into the hall instead.
Meals (please excuse the grumpy people!)...

What I love (besides the grumpy people): it's huge, and has loads of storage and display space, and a blank wall opposite. Plenty of room to extend the kitchen benchtop for some stools, and have a meals table. Another skylight (albeit a different shape to the other one in the kitchen!?). Opens out to the magnificent sunroom.
What I don't love (besides grumpy people in general): Louvered doors, the wall colour and the light fitting.
The Sunroom:
What I love: Ugh... wow, the raked high ceilings, the walls are almost all glass and look out to a walled courtyard. The height, the light, the black trim, the wood heater. This room is LOVELY! My furniture will look HOT in here! What's not to love?
What I don't love: The yellow and redness. That is all. Oh, all right, also the stoopid water feature!
Interesting (or not): the glass doors through from the meals only opens one panel wide - feels narrow - could replace with a double track. Or something.

So they are the living areas in their original state. There's an awful lot of painting to do, plus the carpets will be pulled up, the floorboards will be sanded, and stained with Black Japan. There's light fittings, cabinet knobs, benchtops, furniture, rugs and so much more to think about - and where, exactly, to put all of the art pieces I've been collecting! Exciting times ahead!


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