We are fully illuminated! 
Our electricians finished up today with the epic spec of cabling stuff, data, pretty lights for me, and funky TV cables and even a server room set-up for husby. We have all new LED downlights in the kitchen and hallways, and lovely pendant cords to hang shades from - Still deciding which mix of fabrics to do on them. 
So with all of the painting, plastering, tiling, floor sanding and general mess-making behind us, it's time to clean up, decorate and move in!! Hoorays!

Here's the kitchen completed, with new splashback, benchtop sink, tapware and handles. LOVE it!

And the salvaged oversized shade frame over the meals table - which I have spray painted neon pink! Bringing the black and white cow hide rug into this room tomorrow - yay!

 And the pantry, which was gutted of it's revolting original grimy shelves, and patched and painted. I have installed basic bookshelves into the space of a narrower depth so that things are not lost in the back of the shelf, and I'm thinking I can use the doors to carry more storage... let's see.This may even just be a temporary thing as the whole meals storage wall, starring lovely 70's louvered doors, may go entirely.


The walk-through-wardrobe is also in progress. We also completely gutted the old cabinets which left plastering, patching, cornice, skirting boards and eventually painting to do. The ensuite just beyond this space is itty bitty tiny, so I wanted to have a little more elbow room for drying/dressing here with  skinny shelves which 'float' in the black space (walls painted Dulux "Night Sky") and a lovely fluffy white rug.  Plus a gorgeous blingy mini 'chandelier'.

A little more to go in the wardrobe, but just about there!
It's getting closer!


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