So the electricians have started a HUGE amount of work... what was first thought to be a full day job has become four - very - separate - days (over 3 weeks!)... and only a few of my lights are up. Though granted, most of the major cabling has been placed, I'm not even convinced that they will be done after the 2 more days they have put aside to finish). This, of course means more plaster dust and boot prints e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e on my black floors, and a delay to us actually moving in - UGHHH.

Here's the dining room, after they left on Wednesday I mopped immediately knowing they will be back in a week...

And I just couldn't help assembling my "Hamish" shelves from Freedom. (even though I'll have to move them for the electricians to finish - rolls eyes).

On the up side, the walk through wardrobe is taking shape. When we gutted it, holes in the cornice and chunks of wall opened up! I've gone all DIY in here, I've been busy plastering, sanding, painting and assembling new cabinets and it's almost there! Can't finish the ceiling in there though as there will be a hole to patch when ever guess-who moves the light.

Pics soon!


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