Stairs in progress

 "Storybook Green" paint is going onto the stairs... OMG it is divine!
I've been going hardcore (or foolish) by not masking it off- that's renegade ninja cutting in skills required. Lucky I only have 2 more coats to go!

Remember, here's the drab and dingey before, and the colour inspiration...

and in progress (after the first coat today)...

 The downstairs herringbone floors come from my workshop and display room, I'm thinking framed pics of my styled furniture pieces will look beautiful in the stairs.

The landing at the top there makes a right turn and there are 3 more steps to the top where the black floors are. I'm thinking the landing and remaining stairs should be Black Japan - and maybe the handrail too.

It's looking amazeballs, but I need it done and dry before the electricians need to get around and do their thing on Tuesday. Can NOT wait for my lights to go up!


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