Its Curtains

I have been absolutely BUSTING to get these curtains up in our new house, and I am soooooo pleased with how they look!

 You may recognise the orange Octagon print from the bedroom of our old house, I couldn't possibly leave them behind, so here they are adorning the beautiful arched window of our new lounge room. This window is off-centre in the room, so I have chosen to sweep both panels to one side, balancing the blue print. And as we wont be opening and closing this curtain, just to be different, I have used a tasseled necklace as a pretty tie-back.


In the dining room, I have used my "Hollywood Crossing" print in yellow and white linen - with antler tie-backs in burnt bronze. It is a wonderful burst of colour against the graphic background of the black floors and white walls.

 We'll be replacing the lights in these rooms... I just haven't decided what to cover a new pendant light in yet!


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